Helder Santos

Helder Borges Santos

Music has been, is and will always be the main protagonist in his professional life and personal relationships.

His first contact with music was when he was a little boy, seen that his parents and relatives had worked has professional musicians. At the age of 6, he started learning how to read music and play the piano. Music and instruments were a constant presence.

Helder comes from a Portuguese folk and traditional background, for instance Fado, and his own experience with other professionals gave him the opportunity to learn and enjoy different styles and instruments like the guitar, drums, percussion, bass and even accordion.

His professional life has developed into original composition and he has extended his knowledge with a Composition Master's at Chinchester's University (UK).

The drive behind his compositions are emotions and his priorities are focused on composing high quality music with production value to the media market.

What he offers is an eager commitment to music and its power to tell stories.